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Korkoi Odametey originates of the Addy/Odametey Clan from the Ga tribe in South Ghana, which is known over the boarders of Ghana for their excellent dancers and drummers. She grew up with the ritual rhythms and dances of the several elements like Tigari (wind), Otu (stone), Nmla (sand), Kpele (ocean) and Nana (rivers) and learned at young age the meaning of these dances and how to exert them. She studied at the Art Center in Ghana and Mustapha Tettey Addy, where she learned further dances. Since 1987 she went on tour through three continents with various Ensembles.

Traditional massages and sience of herbal and healing plants were a important component in Korkoi Odametey's grandfather life, who passed down the knowledge to the family.Inspired owing to her wish to impart the people in Ghana further healing methods of the indian-ayurvedic medicine, Korkoi began among other things a professional education at the international Society of Thai Yoga Massage in Germany and in the institute for Thai-Massage in Chiang Mai/Thailand under the direction of Chongkol Setthakorn.

Korkoi Odametey is a acknowledged teacher from the thai educational center for traditional Thai-Massage and foot reflexology. She learned in further seminars the administration and healing eventualities of the Sen-Therapy. Moreover she devised with basic exercises of the Hatha-Yoga a distinct program to incorporate her mental-spiritual work as well as self-discovery ceremonies.

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