Thai-Yoga Massage - Nuad Bo-Rarn

This venerable and more than 2,5 millenniums old comprehensive and many-sided massage form contain passive Hatha Yoga elements, reflex zones massage, rhythmical acupressure, stretching and orientate itself by the meridians (energy lines) of the human body. Thai massage aims a harmonisation of the energy system, solves blockades and tensions in the energy river, circulation will be increased and it is preventive, aimed so on health precaution. It's very good to relieve ailments such as headache, back pain, shoulder/neck pain caused by various conditions of physical and mental stress.

Done on the floor, you wear your own comfortable clothes like T shirt and sweat pants. The Thai massage encloses the whole body with and encloses beginning from foot to head four positions: Back position, side position, belly position and seated position. The stretch exercises raise the flexibility and immune tensions in the body. Barriers of physical and mental kind are diminished by the meditative partially also gentle and rhythmical massage combinations of the northern Thai massage form Nuad Bo-Rarn and the vitality will be increased.

The selective acupressure and massage in ten most important energy roads, the Sen Sib, should stimulate the immune system as well as improve cervical stiffness's, headaches as well as other spanning problems and contributes to an increased well-being.

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Thai-oil massage with hot stones

Done on the massage table, you are covered up with a blanket. With different oils the energy roads will be activated as well as the musculature is revitalised through a body treatment in the form of gentle massage, stimulated with palms and thumbs pressure points. Classical pressure and stretching elements of the Thai massage flow on harmoniously into this soulful massage.

Besides, the ethereal oils affect very positively the general condition and are suitable as a skin care as well. The massage works reassuringly on the nervous system and stimulates the circulation. It will be massaged in belly and back position.

The oil massage can be combined if requested with a Hot Stone massage. A Stone massage uses different stones of varying temperatures, sizes and shapes to manipulate the musculature and connective tissues as well as stones in placements under and on top of clients. This creates a true stone experience, utilizing the stones for every aspect of the treatment rather than just a few stones added to a regular massage.

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